on balance.

The simple phrase above is something that I read a few weeks ago that has really stuck with me. It's such a simple thought but to live that way, is not so easy.

I'm one of those people who wants to get through every day's to do list (work, freelance work, volunteer work, yoga, swimming, blogging, friends, family, love etc.) and still have spontaneity in my life. That just isn't possible! I'm working all the time to accept that fact and to make the latter part my priority. It's so easy for me to get in a cycle of trying to get through everything and worse, to stress about getting through it! I've been realizing lately, that it just isn't worth the effort to worry so much about things. If you think about what the worst case scenario is for not getting something done, usually that scenario is enough to make you realize how silly it is to worry about much of anything.

This period in my life is a good time to learn this lesson since Nick and I are moving next week. Incorporating the idea that not everything in life is an emergency has left me feeling much more calm about moving than other moves in my life. Not worrying so much left space for me to really enjoy my visit with my mom and to savour the last few days in our current apartment. After all, enjoying oneself and savouring certain things, is what is really important.

{Easier said than done though, so wish me luck! And, please, share your thoughts. How do you maintain balance in your life? Is it possible? Are you a worrier like me? Perhaps we should start a new group: Worriers Anonymous? Any takers?}


  1. Worry is like a rocking chair. You rock and rock and rock, but you go nowhere. Good for you for staying on balance. Yes it's possible, but not easy. Making a living teaching Stress Management helps ;)

  2. Sometimes there is just have too much to do! Lists get too long. So, one thing is not to worry about worrying because it comes with busy lives. It's how to reduce the business as much as possible. Doing the essentials and putting a veg day on the calendar every now and then and not letting ANYTHING/ANYONE use up your day - find a hideout...

    xox Mama Mia


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